Celine started first as a shop in France that handled it specializing in leather shoes of the child of custom-made. After that, Celine develops various one such as accessories with the bag, the bag, and leather goods. Shoes etc. of ladies' develop, and other pret-a-porter etc. develop. Celine came to be popular in Paris because there was the elegant feeling west in a very simple design.


It is a monogram of the handle of the lattice that it is famous as Celine. It might be sober in a little young woman though the design of the lattice of the gray is popular among brown. Of course, because Celine develops variously besides the handle of the monogram, other items etc. are also popular.


The Mothers bag etc. that [tominagaai] [korabore-to]ed in the spring of this year were popular if it was said recent Celine. I think that there are a lot of people who are patronizing it from the adult to the child and the baby because it is progressed in total used to the brand Celine that makes child's shoes a specialty, and to develop the children's wear and the babies's wear considerably actively by the current state. There might be a lot of people who are presenting clothes of the brand of Celine to the birth celebration, too.


It is possible to confirm it respectively because it is developed in Japanese, English, and French though the product of new Celine can be confirmed on an official site in Celine. The Omotesando boutique and the Ginza boutique, etc. in Celine are famous in Japan as the road shop.